Monday, April 12, 2010

Tyler finally slept through the night last night!! He went to bed at 7:40 and got up at 6:10. It was so awesome! I'm hoping he gets into a routine, but am not holding my breath. I really tried to keep him stimulated today so that he was using a lot of energy. They say that is supposed to help. I guess we'll see.

We went to a play group at Tyler's new Day Home on Thursday. He seemed to have a pretty good time. He was playing with other kids, and even crawled over to Joanne (the provider) a few times and gave her some snuggles. I think that maybe he will do alright when he starts going next week. Our first day is Monday, when I will go and spend the morning with him there. On Wednesday, he will be going for 6 hours by himself. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure he'll be fine after a couple of days.

Tyler has a truck wagon that he loves to go for rides in. When it's nice enough, I try to take him every day. It hasn't really been that nice the last few days, so yesterday was the first time we went in a couple of days. He was loving it. Then Trevor set up a blanket in the back yard and he was having a ball crawling around in the mud and playing outside.

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  1. That wagon is awesome! I need to get Milo something like that, or just pack both of them in the same one! I'm so excited for summer so kids can play. We'll have to have some backyard play dates.