Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and Other Randomness

There are some girls in our complex that come to our door most nights of the week and ask if Tyler can come play. They are about 5-8 years old. He loves to go and run around with them. One day, the one on the left told me "He's just so cute I want to kill myself!". I wasn't sure what to say to that, but it was pretty funny.

We got Ty a Race Car Driver costume from Old Navy for Halloween. It fit him perfectly and he looked awesome. We didn't take him trick or treating. We went to Trevor's brothers Spooktacular out at Wizard Lake. He puts on a really good Spook Alley through the woods and hundreds of people come out to it. It was really good. Tyler had fun hanging out in the garage, where they had a dance and some treats. It was a fun night. Tonight we handed out candy, and Tyler loved giving chocolate bars to kids. He was so excited every time he heard a noise outside.

Tyler has learned how to walk up the stairs hanging on to the railing. He is totally fine going up, but not so hot at coming down. It especially makes me nervous when he tries to do so on the basement stairs because it has no walls against the railing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post for Mal

I was a little bored at work today, and came across some fantastic pictures on my hard drive. These are just a few goodies to help Mal remember the good times.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quick Note

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Trevor's dream came true. He finally got a new computer. His last computer was 5 years old or so, and was starting to be a little slow because the hard drive was totally full. We stayed with a Mac, but went with a tower instead of the iMac. It is really nice, and works much faster than the old one! We also got a new camera that has an HD video camera-the Canon 7D. This was another reason for a new computer, since we couldn't even play the videos on our old one because it doesn't do HD.

Thanksgiving was good. We went over to Russell and Andrea's house for dinner on Sunday and had a good time with all of the family except for Strater's gang. I had to work Saturday, but we both had Monday off and got to spend the day together as a family. It was nice. We are pretty boring these days, so I don't have much to say, just wanted to do a quick update.