Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and Other Randomness

There are some girls in our complex that come to our door most nights of the week and ask if Tyler can come play. They are about 5-8 years old. He loves to go and run around with them. One day, the one on the left told me "He's just so cute I want to kill myself!". I wasn't sure what to say to that, but it was pretty funny.

We got Ty a Race Car Driver costume from Old Navy for Halloween. It fit him perfectly and he looked awesome. We didn't take him trick or treating. We went to Trevor's brothers Spooktacular out at Wizard Lake. He puts on a really good Spook Alley through the woods and hundreds of people come out to it. It was really good. Tyler had fun hanging out in the garage, where they had a dance and some treats. It was a fun night. Tonight we handed out candy, and Tyler loved giving chocolate bars to kids. He was so excited every time he heard a noise outside.

Tyler has learned how to walk up the stairs hanging on to the railing. He is totally fine going up, but not so hot at coming down. It especially makes me nervous when he tries to do so on the basement stairs because it has no walls against the railing.


  1. I love the costume! It's just perfect. The Spooktacular sounds awesome. The kid would love to see that! We hit a few spook alleys around the city and they couldn't get enough of that thrill. Happy Halloween! jen

  2. Hey, Em I was going to call to see how Hallowe'en went for your guys, but I guess I have my answer. Tyler looks awesome in his racing outfit. Looking forward to seeing him (and you) in a few weeks. Love you, Mom

  3. Ty is so adorable! I love the costume! TIFF

  4. That costume is awesome! Ty is so photogenic,so cute, or you guys are awesome photographers.