Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Finally Arrived

Well, this is the longest I've gone without doing a post so far. The weather has finally been nice, until today, so we have been busy doing more stuff. The mosquitos are ridiculous this year, which sucks, but what do you do?

Trevor's been having fun at the race track on his bike, and is starting to be pretty quick. He is doing some adjustments on the bike today and tomorrow, in hopes that it runs even better for him this Saturday when he goes out. Tyler and I went and watched him again the other day, and it was pretty fun. We met a couple who are actually from Welland, Ontario, where Steve is serving. They are living her now for work, but still own a place there that they rent out. They were really nice.

We went to Capital Ex to see Sloan perform. They weren't very good, which was disappointing. They have some good songs, but they just seemed to be off that night or something. We decided to walk around and check out the Carnies and have some treats. It was pretty fun.

I decided that it was time to go short with my hair again. Tyler thought that it was fun to grab a handful on each side and pull on it as hard as he could whenever I would hold him. Now, he snuggles up and plays with the shorter hair in the back while he falls asleep. It is so nice.

We went to the park the other day with some of Trevor's family. Tyler had a great time.

About a month ago, I went to the Valley Zoo for mine and Tyler's first time. He wasn't too interested in many of the animals, but he seemed to really like the seals and the lemurs. We got to see Lucy the elephant right up close. They were taking her for a walk, so that was pretty cool. Tyler fell asleep in the wagon on the way back to the car at the end of the day, which was also pretty entertaining.

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