Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty Trained!

I think we've finally done it! We've gone 3 days without accidents now, and it is great. We are still using pull-ups at naps and night time, but he is starting to stay dry through his whole nap, so that will end soon as well! The other night, we had a short thunderstorm, and he got so scared that he peed in my lap, which was kind of funny. The same day, he had to go so bad that he didn't get his pants down in time and just sat down and peed with them on. It was also pretty funny. Other than that, he has been doing great this whole week! I bought him some regular underwear on Saturday, and he's been doing great since wearing those instead of the padded ones.


  1. Oh that's great, potty training is never fun. Aren't little kids so cute in underwear, especially their cute little bums? He he.

  2. Glad to hear Tyler is doing so great. Congrats, Tyler! We miss you. Hey Emily, I need a current family picture where all your faces are visible with a short "where you're living and what you're doing" to forward to Byron ASAP. He's updating Grandpa & Grandma's digital photo frame. Mom