Friday, September 2, 2011

First Fights, School and Crashes

Tyler had his first fight today at Dayhome. He was playing with the toy vacuum and another boy wanted it and it net to fisticuffs. Tyler got bitten twice on his forearm (he has quite the teethmarks on his arm), and he decided to smack the other boy with the vacuum. They were both given a timeout. Apparently Tyler was so mad that he had to have a timeout that he peed his pants instead of using the toilet. Good times!

Trevor has started school. His first day of classes was Monday. He seems to be enjoying it so far. He said that it seems to be pretty easy so far. He has. Math course that is basically like Math 30, and another course that is like Physics. I think he will probably end up at the top of his class if he stays motivated. That would be nice, then we could get some scholarships!

On his second day of classes, someone backed into his Ducati. It was a hit and run. Luckily, there were some people around, and they got the guys license plate number and wrote it down with a description of the driver and the vehicle. Trevor reported it to the police, and then saw the guy at the school the next day as well. The guy went in and filled out his part, thank goodness. Now we can get ripped off by insurance and probably lose the bike. Hopefully they don't consider it a write-off.

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