Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture Post

I haven't really posted much for a quite a while. Time just keeps getting away from me. This post is full of pictures of Tyler.

We went out to the Patrick's on Labour Day weekend and went out on the boat. The weather was beautiful.

Tyler rides his bike in this parking lot next to our complex all the time. There is no through traffic, which is unlike our complex, so all of the kids ride their bikes here. He met a lot of different friends here. He was very fast on his bike by the end of the season, and was lifting his feet and gliding everywhere.

This is Ella from Day Home. She left our Dayhome at the beginning of September. They moved to Hay Lakes, so she now goes to a Dayhome in Leduc, which is actually run by someone that we know. Crazy. Tyler was very sad when she left. He still asks everyday if Ella is going to be at Dayhome, and when I asked who he played with for the first couple of weeks after she left, he always said Ella.

This is our neighbour Miriam. She is really good at playing with Tyler. It is quite handy having her around because she will watch him outside while I cook dinner and what not. They dug out this hole and then filled it in one day, and had a great time doing it.

Tyler comes home from Dayhome in this outfit every once in a while. He loves it because he thinks that those used to be Ella's pants. This is a set of backup clothes that they have for when he has too many accidents in his own backup clothes.

Here is Tyler with Grandma and Grandpa Scott when we were down for Thanksgiving. He sure loves his Grandparents.

Tyler loved holding Tacie on the weekend. He was very good at it, and was so proud of himself whenever we let him do it.

Lightsaber Battles

Lately, we haven't been up to too much. Trevor has been fairly busy with school, and me with work. My boss was gone to Vietnam for 2 weeks, so I was working a lot of hours while he was away. Things are slowing down at work now, so that is nice. We are lucky and haven't had any snow yet, unlike those in Southern Alberta. The weather has actually been really nice this Fall.  Now that I've said that, we'll probably get hit, but whatever.

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