Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

Well, another Summer has come and gone. Trevor started school again on August 27 and is in full swing. This weekend he is participating in an EMRA Motorcycle race, so I'm sure pictures will follow in a few days of that. It is crazy how quickly it feels like Autumn outside. This weekend is supposed to be pretty warm though. There are about a million pictures in this post again, sorry. I am just so bad at keeping up to date these days!

 Tyler got these goggles one day at Dayhome. Heather told me that as soon as he found them in the morning and wanted to keep them on all day!

For some reason, Beck and Tyler think it is the greatest thing to jump on the trampoline in their underwear. "Gonchie Jump" is what they call it. Funny boys.

We took Tyler to his first parade in Calmar in August. He got a ton of candy, and is still eating a few a day. He loved it! Thanks Russell and Andrea for letting us know about it.

My sister Mallory had a baby in June, Brady. Trevor loves him like crazy, always threatening to steal him. I fear that he is starting to get baby fever! What a cutie Brady is.

Trevor worked on his race bike last week in order to have it ready to be able to participate in the race this weekend. He passed the Tech inspection today, so I guess he does good work!

Last weekend, we took Tyler to the go-carts at Whitemud Amusement Park. He has been once before at the beginning of the summer. You are supposed to be 4 to go, but he is tall enough that nobody really questions his age. He loves it. We have a video of it and his face is so excited the whole time.

**Side Note - I made the Wacky Cake that I posted a couple of weeks ago and it was some of the best chocolate cake that I have ever had!!


  1. Great pictures! Copied most of them to i-photo! Looks like you all had a great summer. Good luck at the races Trevor, be careful! Cool shades and underwear Tyler! Like the goggles too! Nice pictures of you and tyler and Trevor and Tyler!

    See you, Dad!

  2. Oh I sure miss Tyler ( and you and Trevor). Let know how Trev does at the races. Mom

  3. no fear about too many pictures - we don't get to see you often enough so it's great! You look so pretty and happy in the one with Tyler. I love the gonchi jump. It reminds me of my own crazy boys, and how those with little girls could just never undestand why boys are always more comfortable in their own skin...