Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun in the Fall

I am going to overload you with pictures again this post. If I would just take the time to do a regular update, it wouldn't be so bad! Sorry. 

We went to a place called Prairie Gardens with Russell's family on Saturday. The kids seemed to enjoy it. It is just a farm with a bunch of little activities for the kids.

They had a petting zoo. Tyler thought the goats were cool, but refused to touch a little baby black rabbit that they had.

They had little motorized tractors to drive. He would have stayed on there all day if we could have let him!

They even had face painting. Of course he wanted to be Batman!

We went swimming at the Terwillegar Rec Centre again. This time Tyler was able to go on the waterslide by himself. He also swam (doggy paddled) an entire lap alone, so he was marked as being able to go off of the small diving board!! He was pretty excited.

These are the Dupont's, some friends from church who just live about half a block away from us.

First (and only) time on the diving board. He jumped right into Trevor's arms, and then was too scared to go again. maybe next time.

Gangnam Style!!

Tyler braved the cold on Halloween and lasted outside at -15 for almost an entire hour to go trick or treating. He dressed up as Captain America. I think he had a really good time.

Some goofy glasses from a treat bag at Dayhome!

Looking spiffy in his Church clothes!

A visit from Brady. He sure loves that baby! We enjoyed babysitting him one night for Mal and Cody.

Wearing Morgan's Batman Mask.

Trevor was in his first official races at the track. Here are his track times and places! He did really well.

We finally got a new car!! We got a 2013 Ford Focus ST. We absolutely love it. It is fantastic and pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I am very happy with our choice.

2 of our friends at church also drive white hatchbacks, so we think it is funny to all park in a row. Trevor was dying to get a picture of it, which we finally did on Sunday!

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  1. I love pictures! Can hardly wait to see you guys. Mom