Friday, December 11, 2009

Here Goes

I thought I'd join in on the whole blog thing. I don't have another way of sharing our photos and events with everyone, so I thought I'd try this out. I probably won't be sharing too often, since life is pretty mundane when you stay home all day, but we'll see what happens.

Yesterday was Trev's birthday, and we spent the day shopping at West Ed for Christmas presents. I am all done my shopping, and he is close. We ordered some Chinese food for dinner from the restaurant by the 7-11 in our neighborhood. It was some of the worst Chinese I've ever had. We bought all 6 Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray yesterday. I've never seen all of them, so it will be fun to catch up.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry we missed Trevor's birthday. Mom had meant for us to call, but it just didn't happen. Happy Belated Birthday Trevor, hope you had a good day, and were able to celebrate in style. Tyler looks very content in the jumpy jump.