Friday, December 18, 2009

One more week!

Christmas is only one week away, and I don't feel in the "spirit" at all. I finished my shopping a few weeks ago, and set the tree up a couple of weeks ago. I have been listening to Christmas music, but nothing seems to make it feel like Christmas to me. It just doesn't seem like it's such a big deal for us this year, which is weird, because we are finally around for it. We're not in New York or on a cruise, so you'd think it would seem more like Christmas.

The weather has warmed up a bit, and it is only around -8 degrees the last couple of days. It has been a nice break from the freezing cold.

Here are some pictures of Tyler in his exersaucer. There is a toy shaped like a lollipop, that he will munch on for like 20 minutes at a time. Shyla let us use her exersaucer, and he has really liked it. There is a picture of him after tasting his first Icy Square, and just hanging outwith dad, mauling his face, which he loves to do to anyone holding him lately. As well, a shot of our poorly decorated Christmas tree. It seems to look so bare. I am thinking that for future years I will invest in some larger balls and some actual tinsel or ribbon or something. Right now I have a string of silver beads and stars, but it is not enough.

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  1. Madi loves to see the pictures of Tyler. He is so cute! I know what you mean about it not feeling like Christmas. It's still raining here. People do leave their Christmas lights on all day because it's so gloomy, so that helps, but we don't have all the usual festive things going on. Dan and the kids are off now, so we are going to try and do more festive things. Are you going home at all this season? I hope you start feeling Christmas-y soon! jen