Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mish Mash

These are some pictures of the family at Steve's farewell weekend. It looks like Tyler has overcome his fear of Chad. Also, there is a picture of Tyler, Trevor and Jason Briton at the Motorbike Show. He was really nice. He is a stunt biker who has a show on Speed that Trev watches a lot.

Well, not much is going on with us right now. We are back in Edmonton and it is freezing cold and we keep wondering why we choose to live in this crazy climate. At least we can get away to California or Vancouver if we get the chance because we have people to visit now! Thanks for that.

Tyler is crawling everywhere now. I guess it's not quite crawling yet, but more "worming". He is starting to get into everything, so I'll have to do some baby-proofing I suppose. He has also decided that he likes to sleep on his stomach. The other night he whimpered himself to sleep in his tummy on the floor. I went into his room last night and he was on his stomach again! Trevor also likes to sleep on his stomach, in almost the exact same position as Ty,

Trevor is almost done the deck that they are working on. With it being so cold, they only put in a few hours a day. They should be done the decking today, then there is just the railing and the pergola top to finish. Kealan is leaving for Mexico for two weeks on Friday, so hopefully they're able to finish before he has to go.

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  1. Thanks for the pics em. It's nice to see everyone. That one of Mya is really cute. You have an eye for capturing photos. Jen