Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Will Be Cultured

Tonight I had the opportunity to take in a little culture with my friend Jacky. She was given tickets from a friend for the Citadel Theatre, so she asked if I would like to go see Beauty and the Beast with her. It was so awesome. I am so glad that she gave me this chance. It is my favorite Disney cartoon, and I have always wanted to see the play. It was the Broadway version, but done at the Citadel. It was really well done. We both enjoyed it. The Gaston character was really funny, and all of the singing was really good. If anyone gets the chance to see this play, they should definitely take it.

What is with this crazy weather?! I can't believe it is snowing. Well, I can believe it, since it seems to happen every couple of years, at least, but I don't want to believe it! I mean, it's May 29 for goodness sake. Where is the sun?

Here's a picture of Ty in Trevor's helmet. He loves to wear it, even though he can't really move in it. It is way too heavy for him to keep his head up

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  1. That picture is awesome. and I'm so jealous you got to see Beauty and the Beast! I've only seen a semi-professional version, so I'm sure this one was so good.