Monday, June 21, 2010

Walkin' On Sunshine!

Well, the sun was finally out in full force this weekend. We took the opportunity to go to the motorbike races. Trevor of course loved it, and Tyler had a great time as well. I had a pretty good time too!

Give this kid a pile of rocks, and you've never seen someone more excited!

Sunday afternoon we went out to the lake for some fun. Ty was driving the boat with Bumpa and was having the time of his life. He was laughing like crazy the whole time. It was great.

This picture looks a little photoshopped, I know, but it is totally real. It was a gorgeous day.


  1. Oh yes, I have become your blog stalker, sneakily reading your posts without making so much as a commentary peep. No longer! My New Year's resolution (a few months late) is to comment more on blogs that make me smile. It looks like you guys have been having fun lately! We'll have to make some plans to get together soon. Maybe do a trip out to the lake one weekend or something?

  2. It's ok. I am your blog stalker as well! We definitely need to go to the lake one weekend!