Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day and Other Pics

Mom and Dad were able to come up to Edmonton for July 1st. We did some go-carting (Dad, Trevor and I), went to Red Robin's for dinner, and then spent a few hours at the different activities in Mill Woods. We walked around the carnival for a bit and Tyler was thrilled just looking at the different rides. The fireworks were really good this year. Tyler managed to stay awake until almost the end of the fireworks. He only napped for about 1 1/2 hours total all day, and was not grumpy at all! We were very lucky.

It was super hot last Sunday, so we took Tyler to the Spray Park right by our house. He seemed to enjoy himself, even though the water was like ice! He also downed a ton of watermelon!

Trevor got new motorcycle. It is strictly a track bike. He hasn't had a chance to actually ride it yet, but we are hoping to make it out to track night really soon! I think he will love it.

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  1. Next year we should do Canada Day together! We enjoyed the fireworks too!