Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tyler's First Birthday and More!

Tyler playing Lego with the neighborhood kids. They all think he is the cutest.

One more shot at the race track!

Tyler opening his cell phone that we gave him for his birthday. It is already missing, but he loved it when he had it!

Check out this sweet cake! It was a big hit at the birthday party we had for Tyler.

Ginger and Trevor Moyah gave Tyler this sweet Gator for his birthday!

We took Tyler to his first Eskimos game this weekend. Our friend Shawn had some free tickets, and invited to go with them. He loved clapping with the crowd. He actually lasted for almost 3 quarters without fussing!


  1. Happy Birthday Ty! I can't believe that little guy is already a year old, and we haven't even seen him! We cannot wait to meet him this summer. He is really so adorable. Em, Dan wants to know your feelings on the track racing. Are you nervous at all? It looks pretty cool though. I hope Trev is having fun. It seems like life is going pretty well in the north country there. I love to see all your pictures. Jen

  2. We can't wait for you to meet him either! He is the best. So happy and laughing all of the time. As far as track racing,k I'm not nervous at all really. He doesn't really go that fast, so it's not too bad. He really enjoys it, so that makes me happy.