Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice Fishing

On Saturday, Tyler and I went ice fishing with Trevor's Dad and his brother Russell. I actually caught a fish. I was the first one. I have pictures, but no computer to put them on right now, so you'll have to wait. We asked Tyler if he wanted to touch the fish, and he just proceeded to hit it across the back a couple of times. It was pretty funny.

Tyler and I spent the afternoon out a Wizard Lake with Trevor's family on Saturday. Trevor wasn't able to come because he was sick. I was sick Thursday and Friday, missing work, and then he was sick Saturday and Sunday. It was a bad bug. Fever, chills, sweats, shakes, aches, sore throat, headache, stomach ache. Anything you can think of, it was in this bug! Good times. We think that maybe this is what Tyler had on Monday, and not heat exhaustion. It was brutal.

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  1. Good on ya, Em! Dan loved ice fishing when we lived in Edmonton. He's jealous.