Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We were able to have my Mom and Dad come up and stay with us for the weekend. We weren't too exciting for them, but it was fun to visit. Tyler loves his Grandpa. Everytime they were in different rooms, Tyler would ask "Where's Grandpa?". It was so cute. We did go swimming at the the new Terwillegar Rec Center, which was pretty fun. They have a lazy river, a wave pool (though the waves weren't turned on), a pretty quick waterslide (which Tyler was allowed to go on with us), various heights of diving boards, and a kiddie pool. I think it's a pretty good set up.

On Sunday, we headed over to Russell and Andrea's house for Easter dinner. They bought an indoor bouncy house, which Tyler and Beck love. Those two are so cute to watch together. They are already little best friends. Beck called Tyler on the phone last night. It was so cute. Tyler wasn't too talkative (I don't think he quite gets it yet), but Beck was being fun.

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  1. The new rec center sounds great! We have a few like that and the kids love them. Glad to hear you had fun with mom and dad. We weren't too exciting for them either. I think maybe they need a real vacation...