Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Day & Birthdays

 We set up Tyler's whale pool from last year the other day. Apparently, it is much smaller than either of us remembered. He still had a great time in it though.

For Canada Day, we did some kite flying, playing in the park, and then we went to the Carnival. We wanted to take Tyler on some rides, but they only had one ticket booth, and the line was about a mile long, so we didn't do that.

 Here's Tyler with his new parents, Jessie and Travis. They are the friends Trevor made at the race track that are from Ontario. Tyler really likes them.

We went to the Fireworks in Mill Woods again this year. They were amazing, as usual. Tyler threw up all over me about halfway through, but then was fine until the end. He had lots of fun running around with Beck, playing with balloons and glow sticks. They sure have a good time together.

We got a really cool Buzz cake for Tyler's birthday. He loved it.

Uncle Spencer got this awesome Buzz Pinata for Tyler's birthday party. He's been holding on to it for us since Christmas. It was a BIG HIT!! Thanks Spencer.

Tyler got some really awesome presents for his birthday: a new blanket from Grandma & Grandpa Scott, which he loves, a new tractor from Beck, a new tool set from Liz, a cleaning set from Mom, a set of stamps from Dad, and a few books. It was a fun day for him.

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend and that Tyler had a great birthday. Mom said I was out or something when she phoned to wish Tyler Happy Birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday wishes Tyler.