Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asthma Update

Today we went and saw the specialist for Tyler's asthma, and she confirmed that he does in fact have asthma. From all of the questions they asked, it sounds like it is triggered by allergies. It will be most present in the Spring and Fall. She prescribed Singulair pills to take once a day at bedtime. They are cherry flavored chewable tablets. He will only need to use the inhaler when he has an "attack". Hopefully he can still grow out of it, or it won't get any worse than it is. He's been doing really well since getting the inhaler, so hopefully that continues with this new pill.

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  1. I meant to call you last night to see how it went, of course, I forgot. Glad to know there are some pills and he won't have to rely on inhalers all the time. Hopefully, he will outgrow it. Love you all, Mom