Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, we found out the other day that Tyler most likely has asthma. He has always had a bit of a cough, but didn't seem like anything serious. Then, this week, he was coughing so bad at night that he would almost throw up and wouldn't be able to get his breath. We decided it was finally time to have it looked at. They did some chest x-rays and listened to his breathing for like 10 minutes and came to the conclusion of asthma. He was prescribed an inhaler to use 4 times a day, which seems to be helping. We are supposed to try it for a few weeks and see what happens.

On top of that, I have laryngitis right now, and am unable to talk much. It doesn't seem so bad today, but yesterday was brutal!


  1. Okay, that was just me trying this out. All of my followed blogs won't let me comment anymore like they used to with my gmail automatically there. Anyhow, I think this will work.

    Blah! I hope your feeling better soon. And I hope Tyler does not have to deal with asthma his whole life. Perhaps he will grow out of it, or maybe it's just related to his respiratory issues. When Clay was about his age the doctor suspected he might be asthmatic as well, but they ended up deciding it was RSV and he grew out of that and is fine now. Here's hoping...