Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer in the City

How can you tell Summer has arrived? I rarely post anything on my blog! To make up for it, most of my posts are picture filled. We actually take pictures in the summer because we are doing interesting things, unlike winter when we are cooped up in our house. Sorry in advance for the picture overload.

Trevor had made it out to the track for one track day so far. The weather hasn't been the greatest for it yet. He is signed up to get his Racing license in 2 weeks. That will be pretty cool. It's a 2-day course, and then you have to participate in 1 actual race within 2 years for it to remain valid. He's pretty excited about it.

Tyler went to a birthday party for some twin boys in our complex. They went to the Terwillegar Rec Centre and played floor hockey and had treats and stuff. He seemed to really enjoy it.

We got to babysit Beck a couple of weeks ago for a few hours. These 2 boys are so goofy when they are together. They had a great time running around outside! We had lots of fun.

Tyler is such a poser!!

We decided it was time for him to start wearing a bike helmet so that when he gets an actual bike, he will be used to having it on. He loves it and wears it all of time!

Out at the lake for a Bergstrom family get together. It was a lot of fun.

We gave Tyler and Trevor matching haircuts on Saturday. I don't have a picture of them together, but here's one of Tyler. I think it makes him look so old!

Out at the Lake for Father's Day. Trevor was helping out his dad with some bobcat work for a few minutes.

Here are Beck and Tyler relaxing on the hammock. They were loving it, pretending to sleep and snuggling. It was cute to watch them. Tyler has gotten into the habit of wearing his hat to the side, not always as much as the picture coming up, but to the side. Trevor calls him T-Wes for short when he does it. That's his new rapper name!


  1. He is so fun! An yes, he does remind me of my boys with that hair cut...

  2. Tyler looks like Steve with his hair buzzed I think, at least in that picture. Looks like it is going to be a fun summer!

  3. I love to see pictures. Mom