Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love a Good Picture!

I haven't posted any pictures for a while, so here are a ton for you to enjoy!

This is what he looked like when I picked him up from Day Home for a Doctor's appointment!

We are the Core! Green Lantern Rules.

Playing in the last snowfall we got.

Homemade Snow Cone!

Posing like crazy with his favourite backpack!

The Ducati

 A visit to the Muttart with the Patrick's. Tyler was refusing to take his hat and gloves off, even in the desert pyramid. He was sweating buckets!

Look at that handsome dude!

His haul at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Having fun at the park. We have been making multiple trips to the park somedays, now that it is nice out! He loves his Slurpees.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Tyler is looking great. Glad to see he's having tons of fun. Keeping you busy I imagine.
    Heard yesterday that Volkswagen bought Ducatti so now the bikes are Duwagens or Volkscattis.

  2. Ah, Inalee and I spent many hours at that same park...good times! Fun to see Tyler and all his antics. He's so cute!

  3. Tyler is too cute! He is getting so big and looks like such a character!