Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brave Boy

I took Tyler for his 18 month shots tonight. I was so surprised and impressed. He didn't even flinch when they poked his arm. As soon as it was done, he jumped off my lap and was laughing and giggling with the nurse! Way to go Ty Ty.

I found a new dayhome!! It is actually really close to us, and only $10 more than what I currently pay. It is run by a social workerr who has 6 grown children of her own and used to have foster kids. She has a helper who is a former horse jumoer and now trains horses and does equine massage. Tyler seemed to like it therer, and they were reallyice. Hopefully it turns out to be as good as it seems.

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  1. Glad things worked out with daycare. Hope Tyler loves it & settles in quickly. Mom