Friday, January 28, 2011

Look What I Did

I made bread for the first time the other night, and it turned out quite well. I am pretty impressed with myself. The last time I attempted to make buns, they didn't turn out at all, so I had doubts about how this would turn out. I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour, and I think it has the perfect amount of both!

Well, the motorbike show has come and gone again, and this year was pretty fun, but mostly for Tyler. He loved it. He was sitting on every bike that he could. He enjoyed himself way more than Trevor and I. For us, it was basically the same as every other year.

Trevor did get to meet Jordan and Amy Szoke. They are married and are both professional racers. He has won the Canadian Championship 7 times. Trev was pretty excited to meet them. He only wanted to go to meet them, and then by the time we got there, we had missed them. We happened to run into them in the hall on our way out, and they were nice enough to stop and talk to us and take a picture or two.

When Tyler was sick at the beginning of the month he was weird about what he would and wouldn't eat. One morning all he wanted was peanut butter, and he was eating it like it was pudding or something. It was pretty funny to watch.

I bought a tent for Tyler from Ikea for him to have as his fort in the basement. He loves it. He keeps his giant monkey and his Buzz Lightyear in it and tucks them in to bed every day with a blanket. One night, he was growling at Trevor and doing crazy hands. They were having a lot of fun.

 Here's one of Ty just being silly.


  1. fun times! tyler looks so grown up, I can't believe it! I love the tent idea, I may have to copy that! i'm also jealous about the bread! i want to make some for myself, but I'm a little scared to try it.

  2. Em, good job on the bread. I love to see pictures of Tyler and hear about his antics. Mom