Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Well, the day started off sour today. I was changing Tyler this morning and he had a total meltdown, refusing to put clothes on, freaking out when I tried. He cried for a good half hour. When I tried to put his coat on to leave, he continued. Finally, I got him in the car, only to realize as I tried to pull out of the parking lot, that I had a flat tire! So now, I am missing work and staying home with Tyler. He had a rough day at Day Home yesterday because it has been so long (3 weeks) since he has been, and I was hoping to get back on a good schedule and get him used to going again, so this isn't helping any with that. Trevor took my tire in to get fixed this morning, but won't be home with it until tonight, so it looks like we're not going anywhere.

On a brighter note, Tyler was being super funny last night. He put on his hat and wore it around for a long time, and was carrying "The Cat in the Hat" with him everywhere he went. Then today, just a few minutes ago, he fell asleep on the stairs. One minute he's playing with shoes, the next, out like a light.


  1. I have never had a child that will just fall asleep like that, I wish! That's so funny when it happens. Cason fell asleep on the floor at mom and dad's one time, maybe I have hope.

  2. Must have been totally worn out or not feeling too good yet. Mom